About Auctions: A Consumer Help Guide

What is it that makes live auctions so addictive?  Why do people come once and then keep coming back?  Why should you join them?


Live auctions are fun.


Whether you come to look at the goods, bid, or just watch the action, there's nothing quite like a live auction.  Maybe it's the buzz of electricity generated by a combination of competition and the thrill of the hunt.  Or the awe-inspiring auctioneer's chant that always seems to amaze kids and adults alike.  Regardless of the reason, people just always seem to enjoy themselves.


You can find incredible values.


Sure, there are the fabled tales like the man who bid $10 for a dresser and found an original copy of the Declaration of Independence inside.  But it's the everyday values that are the real story behind auctions' popularity.  Whether you're looking for your next antique or the house to put it in, there's no place like a live auction to get a great deal.


You can discover unique items.


Some people go searching for them.  Others stumble upon them while looking for something else.  But either way, it's safe to say there are thousands upon thousands of one-of-a-kind items at auctions.  It's stuff you won't ever find in some suburban strip mall, never knew you wanted, and suddenly can't live without.


So, now you know why you should check out an auction near you.  Once you've found a live auction, make sure you're familiar with some of the terms you might hear there, and learn how to buy and sell like you've been doing it for years.



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