What to Expect at a Regan Auctioneers' Foreclosure Auction

Premier Properties. At Regan Auctioneers, quality is paramount.  If you see a premier property for sale in a Regan Auctioneers auction, you can act with confidence that it meets the high standards our buyers and bidders have come to expect.


Bidder Service. You will also notice our commitment to helping you evaulate a property and become an informed, confident bidder.  Regan Auctioneers' highly trained Auction Information Specialists become experts on each property we sell so that they can answer your questions quickly and accurately.  Our goal is to probide "best of class" service to help you prepare for an upcoming Regan Auctioneers auction.


In-depth Property Information. Because we specialize in high-end luxury properties, we understand the unique needs of bidders who are evaluating a property and preparing to bid. For that reason, we use a variety of toold to help you get the information you desire by means that best suit your needs.  These inculde our website www.reganauctioneers.com, which serves as a portal to upcoming auctions, helpful information and legal documents available freely for your usage.


Commitment to Sale. When you attend a Regan Auctioneers event, you will know that the seller is truly committed to selling the property on sale day.  As leaders in the auction industry, we adhere to the National Auctioneers Association's Code of Ethics, which spells out our obligation to properly inform buyers during the marketing campaign whether the auction is absolute or with reserve.  Regan Auctioneers will not engage in deceptive marketing practices such as making an event contingent upon opening bid amounts. Therefore, we are committed to providing you with a clear and concise understanding of the property being sold, the terms of the auction and the auction process.  




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